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New York City


Our mission is to help as many people as possible to get fit and live a fun and healthy lifestyle. We believe if you feel physically strong and full of energy you can handle the daily stress better and be more successful in your personal ambitions and life goals. Be part of the Sports Society!

About us

The Sports Society started in New York City, Central Park with a small group of Rowers. Rowers know that with hard work and trust in the people around you, anything is possible. That’s why our organization is built on trust, respect, inclusiveness, and integrity.


Prevent injuries due to the long office hours and improve your body posture. Our athletes burn an average of 1000 calories per hour during workouts, helping them to get in shape, increase their strength and endurance, and maintain good posture despite long office hours. Now it’s your time to shine!”


Our team of trainers are on a mission to make you sweat and keep you motivated. Haven’t worked out in a while?  No problem! We’ll adjust the level of the exercises to your level. We know how important it is to rely on you teammates for support through tough workouts, so we have got your bakck!  We love to be outside, so all of our training sessions will happen in parks across the city. 

Personal training

One of our certified personal trainers will give you one-on-one feedback to help set and meet your fitness goals. You’ll get a fitness program that is tailored just for you, working within any limitations you might have to help you reach your goals quickly and efficiently. The trainer will perfect your form and motivate you while you focus on the the movements. Trainings take place in your favorite park or your home gym.

Arthur Ross Pineturn

Columbus Circle

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